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June 21, 2015
Submitted by Jessica Conningham

Winnipeg is home to several highly rated window replacement companies, and although some of them look professional enough on paper, it is important to read between the lines and look for the things that are not evident at first in order to make the best decisions. Here, you can compare two of the largest window replacement companies in Winnipeg: Ecoline and AWD Specialists.

Competitor #1 – Ecoline

Ecoline is one of the highest-ranked window companies in Winnipeg. They have 9.6 stars on, and they have an A+ rating through the BBB. However, you should never let ratings like this fool you. Although a poor rating usually means poor service, a great rating does not always mean great service. A couple of things about this particular company seem shady, at best.

  • The Facebook page has no customer activity. Despite the company's activity on Facebook and penchant for linking to new blog posts at regular intervals, the public seems disinterested. The same two or three people "like" these links when they appear.
  • This blog post with pictures shows less-than-perfect results. One client dedicated an entire site to a lengthy review of the services provided by Ecoline, with pictures, and the results are poor, at best. The company does absolutely nothing but replacement windows, so one would expect pristine, professional work. Check out this client's review and see for yourself.
  • They tell you not to contact them on their site. While most businesses work hard to improve upon the services they offer in order to appeal to a larger customer base, Ecoline gives a (long) list of reasons why you should not contact them. Although they get excellent reviews for the most part (by the way, if you check their Homestars page, you will see that most of their reviews are "assisted", which means written by the company), they offer a very limited scope of services. In fact, they will not install doors unless you order window replacement, too.
  • They don't have a local showroom in Winnipeg. The absence of a showroom means that customers have no opportunity to check the products they pay for before the purchase. This is definitely not the best way to provide a good shopping experience for clients.

Overall, Ecoline is quite popular among some consumers despite the fact that it takes up to 10 weeks for them to manufacture your windows. What's more, if you are on a budget, you may want to shy away from Ecoline since their custom-made windows are quite expensive. The company does offer a 25-year warranty on the frames, glass, and hardware, but the site says nothing about workmanship and installation. Be sure to ask them about this if you call them.

Competitor #2 – AWD Specialists

On the other hand, while AWD Specialists services only Winnipeg and the surrounding areas, their website leads us to believe that they are truly dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. According to customer reviews, AWD employees communicate with the homeowner throughout the entire process, ensuring that things go exactly as planned. They are certainly not shy about posting pictures of their work on Facebook, and we have to admit that it is impressive. Not only does AWD install windows and doors, but they also offer a wide selection of blinds and treatments to give their customers a full experience.

In all honesty, there is very little negative to say about this company. Some areas of concern include:

  • Limited Facebook activity. Although there are plenty of pictures, there are only five customer reviews and the company does not seem to update it social media very frequently.
  • No specifics regarding warranties. AWD Specialists mentions their warranty in their FAQ page on their website, but they do not give specifics. This might mean that the warranty is not very competitive.
  • Limited color options. This company only has seven exterior and two interior colors available from which to choose, limiting homeowners quite a bit. One of these, though, is stainable pine, which you can customize to your liking once the installation is complete.

In short, AWD Specialists appears to be a true competitor in the industry with an A+ rating with the BBB. They have not yet been rated on; however, according to other review sites, most customers and clients are quite pleased with their work in terms of timeliness, professionalism, and a dedication to keeping the work area clean.

As you can see, sometimes a company is not everything it claims to be on its website. Sometimes, you have to dig a little to discover the things that might make a difference when it comes to allowing a windows replacement company into your home.

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